Schweddy Balls: 5 SNL-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors


reported yesterday


the awesomest news a

Saturday Night Live

fan/Alec Baldwin fan/human being could ever hope to hear: That Ben and Jerry's


be unveiling a new flavor based the iconic "Schweddy Balls" sketch starring Baldwin and cast members Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer.

The sketch revolved around Pete Schweddy, a baker who is famous for the sweet balls that bear his last name. Add in a public radio show hosted by Gasteyer and Shannon, and the rest is history. Gasteyer blabbed the info during an interview with New York 1, but Gothamist reported that a rep for Ben & Jerry's would neither confirm nor deny the plans.

According to Bowery Boogie, the limited-edition flavor could be slated for a September release and would be sold through Christmas. Too bad we can't leave anything out because of an excessive rat problem.

Whether or not the rumor is true, it got us here at Art Attack thinking about other SNL-inspired ice cream flavors we'd like to see. Flavors like...

Lazy Sundae


Snack attack, muthafucka!


Mr. Pibb-flavored ice cream with bits of Red Vines and swirls of cupcake frosting.

Van Down By The Ripple




A heady mixture government cheese swirled with tears.>

Roxbury Freeze


So... you want to dance?


A refreshing blend of raspberry, strawberry and banana-flavored condoms.

Colon Blow


Sounds delicious.


Bits of crunchy bran cereal in a sweet milk of magnesia ice cream.

Unfrozen Caveman Swirl

Tagline: He used to be a caveman, now he's in your grocer's freezer! Flavor: Coffee ice cream with bits of real caveman.

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