SDCC 2014 - Nerd HQ, Bee & PuppyCat and the Her Universe Fashion Show

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San Diego Comic-Con is perhaps even more of a whirlwind this year than before. It seems like there are an unprecedented number of offsite events and you can have quite a con experience without ever entering the convention center. There's so much going on that you almost don't know what direction to turn in. A Star Trek-style transporter would really come in handy.

Here's what we saw yesterday, and we have some news from Nerd HQ, Bee & Puppycat and a nerd-themed high fashion event that was the gem of the day.

Check out our first day slideshow at Comic-Con.

Nerd HQ & Zachary Levi

We hit Zachary Levi's welcome panel at Nerd HQ at 9 am. Levi recently secretly got married in Hawaii to Missy Peregrym who currently stars in "Rookie Blue" a police drama that airs on ABC. While he declined to answer a fan's question about any details of their personal lives, he said they'd known each other for 10 years. "She's am amazing woman. She loves Jesus and she loves me."

Thanks to a high-profile crowdfunding campaign and sponsorship from the likes of SEGA of America, Maker Studios, Intel and the Catan Anytime game on Internet Explorer, Nerd HQ is alive and well. Best of all, Levi indicated that Nerd HQ will continue on for the foreseeable future.

In response to a fan expressing that she hoped Nerd HQ would have a long existence, he said "It will as long as you guys keep coming." Considering that panels for many of the celebs, including Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and himself, sold out in a matter of seconds, that doesn't seem like an issue. How future Nerd HQs will be funded is still a mystery, though.

As far as Levi's acting career goes, he expressed interest in returning to a television series. It's been a few years since "Chuck" ended. "I'd love to do another series at this point. I think there's been enough time...to go and do somewhere where I'm with a family again. I miss our family at 'Chuck.' We just had such a great community... a great family."

You can watch the entirety of Levi's entertaining panel for yourself here. This story continues on the next page.

Craig Ferguson at Nerd HQ

Soon-to-be-former Late, Late Show Host Craig Ferguson & Josh Robert Thompson, the voice of sidekick animatronic human skeleton Geoff Peterson, also had a panel at Nerd HQ. Curiously, this panel was not filmed so it won't be available on You Tube later like almost all the other ones are. Ostensibly, this could be due to the fact that their contracts with CBS aren't quite over yet.

The one big takeaway from the panel is that they are doing something after their tenure on the Late, Late Show. As far as what that is, exactly, they only responded with maniacal, villainous laughter. Ferguson expressed some chafing at some of the rules and restrictions imposed on him at CBS, so one can assume that he's looking for something that gives him more creative license.

Bee and PuppyCat

The adorable Sailor Moon-esque You Tube sensation that took the Internet by storm last year is becoming a TV series on Cartoon Hangover, thanks to a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign that raised $872,133.

The series is still in production, but it was announced at their SDCC panel yesterday that there's a lot of merchandise available. You can satisfy your longing for more Bee & PuppyCat through the We Love Fine online store. Offerings include a talking PuppyCat plush and an apron dress just like Bee's.

Her Universe Fashion Show

Earlier this year, Ashley Epstein's nerd fashion company Her Universe called for submissions of pop-culture themed couture designs from fans. Over 100 people entered their sketches and of those, 36 were selected to be featured in last night show. Nerd culture luminaries like Chloe Dykstra (host of Nerdist Channel show "Just Cos" and SyFy's "Heroes of Cosplay," among other things) were on hand to judge the designs as they (or a model) strutted them down the runway.

Considering that many of the entries were by non-professionals, the couture was absolutely stunning; examples of the highest potential of the genre. Others were unrealistic as examples of something one might actually wear in public, such as a heavy black gown with a "tail" studded with color-changing, jewel shaped lights. We thought the Game of Thrones-themed gown was super-cool, but would you really wear the back of the Iron Throne to a party?

There was a People's Choice award as well. Audience members received Hot Topic bags that included a ballot. Everyone turned them in at the end of the modeling and the ballots were tabulated during a 45-minute break.

While the judges selected the Back To The Future-themed jacket and skirt ensemble, entitled "Great Skirt, Marty!" designed by Amy Beth Christenson, audience attendees were blown away by the drama of the black "Once Upon A Time"-themed dress, dramatically revealed by a model onstage who stripped away the conservative "Regina Mills" suit to become an evil queen. The dress, called "Regina's Curse," was designed by Andrew MacLaine.

Honorable mentions were noted for a Hobbit-themed wedding dress, a Dalek-themed wedding dress and a beautifully-designed Pichachu Pokemon dress that was cleverly paired with a Pokeball jacket. The flowing "rainbow Amidala" dress looked like it would be a lot of fun to wear and the Iron Man dress (modeled by pin-up style cosplayer and model Stephanie Castro) was quite a showpiece.

The winners will receive opportunities to to design a collection with Her Universe for Hot Topic. Check out video highlights below. Don't want to make your own outfit? Her Universe revealed several new entries to its own fashion line that you should check out.

That's it for Thursday's fun. We'll have more from SDCC for you soon!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.