Searching for Camelot: Mad Men-Inspired Fashion

Mad Men's influence has been showing up everywhere these days, from red carpets to runways. What's behind the hype? The show's costume designer, Janie Bryant, creates up to 200 costumes per show. She told Glamour magazine, "I knew more about early iconic '50s, more so than the early '60s, but I just love that period, too, because it is that time of Camelot and pre-disasters in America, and you really get a little glimpse into what that life was all about, before assassinations and before war, just all very pristine and perfect."

In the midst of economic crisis, two wars spanning a decade, record unemployment, and a natural disaster of epic proportion it's no wonder the fashion world is escaping back to a more idyllic America for a little glamour, and a glimpse of Camelot.

Lara Stone's understated sensuality is white-hot as a 1950s domestic goddess straight out of Mad Men. Vogue's Grace Coddington styled Stone's signature curves in flared, high-waisted skirts, fitted sweaters, and sling backs for this September 2010 "Sweater Girls" spread, shot by Mert & Marcus.

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