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Seth MacFarlane Set To Host Oscars Next Year

If you watched Seth MacFarlane's recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig, you know that he is a charming performer with an old-school bent. He can sing, dance, and has a throwback northern charm. That is, when he is not trotting out his Family Guy voices. Today we learned that he will be hosting the 85th addition of the Academy Awards in late February.

Jesus, there have 85 years of this already?

MacFarlane joins a star-studded fraternity of comedians like Bob Hope, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, and Jon Stewart who have helmed the telecast, plus plenty of others who have bombed. That James Franco and Anne Hathaway debacle in 2011 was just golden.

Uma, Oprah, Uma....

MacFarlane is a natural fit for the show, if only he can ease off the Stewie and Peter Griffin voices, and maybe not "giggity" when Scarlett Johansson or Christina Hendricks show up in a cleavage-baring number.

Leave that to us at home.

I like Family Guy and can even deal with American Dad, and even I don't want to hear those voices anywhere other than an episode of the show. OK, the Inside The Actors Studio with the show's cast was an exception.

Will MacFarlane sing more than just a little next February? Yes. Will we all be subjected to Family Guy voices and jokes about Ted not getting nominated for anything? Ditto.

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