Shirts Made of Plastic & Colorful Bras: Best Fashion Vending Machines

Have you heard about the new makeup vending machines in New York Subways? Yes! NYC Metro passengers needing a quick dose of lip gloss can skip on over to the L'Oréal Paris makeup vending machine for all their face paint needs. Not only does the machine dispense a wealth of products, but also makes suggestions based on your clothes and complexion thanks to digital mirror that scans the users face and clothing. A bit big brother spooky, but I get the cool factor.

After witnessing vending machine tech be applied to makeup, I had to see if there are any other fashion product vending machines out there. After an exhaustive search of machine companies from LA to Hong Kong and a few OMG moments (see live bait in Pennsylvania, mashed potatoes in Singapore and gold in London), I have created a list of fun and useful fashion and beauty vending machines that could soon sidle up to your nearest Redbox or soda machine?

Bras Not interested in telling a salesperson your bra size or just want to remove all human interaction from your life? The Wacoal bra machine takes you one step closer to hermithood!

Hair Straightener Not kidding! For just a few bucks you can straighten your hair with a high temp sterilized flat iron...on the street. A handy dandy mirror is provided for your convenience.

Shirts Made of Plastic The machine accepts plastic bottles as currency, then dispenses T-shirts made of recycled plastic materials. The project was created by the organization Plastics Make it Possible and unveiled during New York Fashion Week.

Nail Art A fun way to get the intricate nail art you see on Pinterest and Instagram without the hours of back breaking work or extra time in the nail salon.

Umbrellas Imagine walking out of your beautiful dinner to a downpour, then looking to the left to see an umbrella vending machine a.k.a. your savior. It would be great if it had ponchos and galoshes too, but baby steps.

Jeans Ever had that moment when you spill something on your jeans on the way to a night out and every store is closed? You have to make that agonizing choice of going back home or going out with the spill. Never again.

Purses Get the new Dior clutch or Micheal Kors cross shoulder any day and any time. Though I'm sure this machine would have to come with its own armored guard, it is the height of high end easy access.

Sunglasses I'm thinking this would be perfect for festival season. Forget those cheapy $5 "these will have to do" sunnies, now you can be trendy, chic and not go blind in the middle of I-Fest.

Ballet Flats I don't know why these machines are not on every corner right now, especially in places like Southbeach, the French Quarter and Washington Ave. On behalf of those who have felt the sting of stilettos after 5 hours of standing, I say bless you to the person who invented this machine.

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