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Trend reports should be reviewed with a skeptical eye (are military-style coats or all-white ensembles ever out of style?) but there are a few genuine, of-the-moment opportunities in fashion right now. If you've managed to digest all eighty-thousand pages of the September issues--seriously, have you seen Vogue?--you know that a few of the crazier trends include colorful, fake fur, sportswear couture, and head-to-toe knitwear. (Like pajamas? It's hard to say.)

If you find head-to-toe knitwear or bright purple fake fur a little impractical, you're not alone. So let's take a look at some of the more wearable fall fads.

Yellow with a Capital "OW"

Bright, loud, even garish shades of yellow are popping up everywhere for fall. Yellow pumps have been A Thing this summer, and the trend is transitioning straight through to winter with slightly deeper, more shocking shades of sunshine. When Pantone released its Fashion Color Report for Fall 2014, "Misted Yellow"--a sort of muted mustard--was among the picks.

When it's time to shop for something modern and fresh in a bright color, it's probably time to take a trip to Dao Chloe Dao. Whether you shop her collections, or the boutique collection, you won't have any trouble finding on-trend pieces--we even spy a few yellow frocks on sale through her website.

Get Grunge

Not quite the grunge of the '90s, fall's revival includes beautiful plaids, boxy oversized jackets, and--of course--distressed jeans in all shades. Bucket bags are back, and so are overalls. Overalls! The wisdom of this return remains to be seen, but it's certainly fun for those of us who spent high school slouching around in clothes three sizes too big. Speaking of which, if you're diving back into grunge keep the look updated with fit--stick to one oversized item and keep the rest fitted.

If you're really going to commit to the 1990s, consider searching for your plaid in consignment shops and thrift stores. Plus it's always fun to go treasure hunting. Thompson's Antique Center in the Northwest Mall and The Guild Shop always have something interesting in store.

A Nod to Mod

The '90s are in, the '60s are in--pick a decade, any decade. Trapeze dresses, shifts, and mini-skirts are never really out so they aren't really the big story. Big, bold, juicy 1960s prints on the other hand? That's a little more fun. Some theorize that the Mad Men-inspired '50s references we saw on the runway are simply moving along with the show's timeline--voila! The sixties are back, thanks to AMC.

Head to The Heights to shop for funky, '60s-inspired pieces. It's a good idea to check in at Emerson Rose, which always has fun vintage and vintage-inspired pieces. Pop on up the block to Langford Market--they always have something in a bright, funky print. If you want authentic 1960s, stop at Replay on 19th, but give yourself a little time--it's a jam-packed 2500 square feet of vintage fun.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.