Shop in Your Pajamas: Your Black Friday Online Strategy

Imagine a world in which people actually go camping, rather than pitching tents outside of big box stores to score cheap, super-duper, extra-special bonus edition DVDs. Imagine that instead of huddling around concrete and commercialism, families huddled around campfires roasting marshmallows.

Black Friday is The New Thanksgiving. Families are already camped out in front of Best Buy here in Houston. Thanksgiving is starting to feel like the meal you eat to fuel up for Christmas shopping, rather than an actual holiday. People are eating Thanksgiving dinner earlier so they can get some sleep before heading out to shop for Black Friday deals. It's a little depressing.

The appeal of Black Friday is a mystery. Pushing, shoving crowds of maniacs who are willing to ditch their families and friends for basement-priced electronics -- which they will use to, in turn, ignore and/or keep in touch with said family and friends? It's a vicious cycle. How about instead of relegating Thanksgiving to second-class status, we stay home and enjoy it? And then get up on Black Friday and shop on our computing machines, in our PJs with a cup of coffee in hand?

Sounds kind of heavenly.

Black Friday is as easily shopped from home on the computer as it is in person. Unless you like fighting vicious throngs of people who direct their anger at you for snatching up the last [product] they wanted to buy to show [friend/relative/boss] how much they love them. And the kicker is, most major retailers are offering the exact same Black Friday discounts online as they are in-store.

There is only one Black Friday tip you need: Stay home, shop online. If you prefer to shop locally, take Monday or Tuesday off and head out when the crowds have subsided. Deep discounts versus your sanity: You decide.


Not the prettiest Web site to look at, but TheBlackFriday.com aggregates Black Friday deals, ad scans, store hours, and just about every other piece of Black Friday information you could want.


Another Black Friday aggregation Web site, this one is a little less "eye crossing" than The Black Friday Web site, above. The best feature here is the at-a-glance Store & Start Time listing on the front page.

Sephora Black Friday

"Like" Sephora on Facebook to get a preview of their Black Friday deals. Facebook fans get a sneak peek at a host of products -- all priced at $10 -- before they go on sale, Friday, November 23. There are more than a couple of peeks that make the "Like" worth it, including the Josie Maran set of BareNaked wipes, the set of three Tocca fragrances and the Ole Henriksen "3 Holiday Wonders" set.

Amazon Black Friday

As always, Amazon has their Black Friday deals up and ready for review well in advance. Love them or hate them, Amazon is always prepared.

Target Black Friday Preview

Instead of going to Target on Thanksgiving -- they open at 9 p.m. -- why not shop online while munching on leftovers? Plan your shopping list now with their online Black Friday preview ads.

Apparently there are people who just live for Black Friday -- who actually enjoy the pushing, shoving, frenzied camaraderie of fellow bargain hunters. So if you absolutely, positively must venture out, don't forget to check out Olivia Flores Alvarez's guide for Black Friday shopping.

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