Ta'Rea Campbell and Hollis Resnik in Sister Act
Ta'Rea Campbell and Hollis Resnik in Sister Act
Photo by Joan Marcus

Sister Act Takes Its Show on the Road and Brings Deloris and the Nuns to Houston

Ta'Rea Campbell grew up singing in a choir and started acting at age 12. She's been on Broadway in Lion King and The Book of Mormon.

So who could be more perfect to play Deloris in the musical Sister Act?

There are some differences between the 1992 movie version starring Whoopi Goldberg and the musical.

The play is set in Philadelphia rather than San Francisco (Deloris is from Philadelphia not Reno) and offers an original score by Alan Menken. But Deloris is still the singer -- albeit more of a disco diva -- masquerading as a nun after witnessing a murder. "Deloris is very flashy on the outside but she has a lot of heart," Campbell says of her character.

Campbell says she and Deloris are both a little "sassy" but while Deloris still pretty much says anything that's on her mind, Campbell says she learned a while back that isn't always the best strategy.

In the midst of her third tour, Campbell says she looks for roles that have "meat" to them. Sometimes the tour is tiring she says -- she was speaking to us from Cincinatti and on her way to Durham, NC when she spoke to us -- but she enjoys the opportunity and says she is "blessed" to be where she is today.

Sister Act runs May 28-June 2 at the Hobby Center, 800 Bagby. For information call 713-315-2525 or visit hobbycenter.org. $25-$305.


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