Six Destinations for Patriotic Puppy Clothing

I've already got my outfit for July 4th all picked out--this cute, military-inspired dress from Shabby Apple. Patriotic outfits for people are easy to find, but shopping for myself got me wondering about my dog--what about Sandy? When I started my Google search for patriotic pet duds, I thought I might find a funny picture or two. What I found were websites with comprehensive collections of pro-America petwear. My big ol' yellow lab prefers to run around Houston au natural for obvious reasons (pant, pant) but some of this stuff is almost too cute to resist. Is it dog-abuse if I shave her just to make her cold enough to justify buying her clothes? I was just going to get her a collar or something, but some of these photos make me want to go on a doggy-dud spending spree.

PS: The reason I didn't do any shopping for cats is that I don't have a cat, nor do I particularly like cats. If you are a cat person I recommend searching "patriotic cat clothes." I'm curious about what would pop up if you searched "patriotic pussy clothes," too.


Although I would like to believe that my dog can pull off anything, this collar might be better suited to an ankle-biter.


This website is obviously geared toward the wimpy, liberal-type of patriot--tutus and peace signs were my clue (that's sarcasm, people). Chico and Milo's offers breed-specific gifts for over 200 breeds of dog. Milo and Chico are dogs: Milo a long-haired Chihuahua weighing in at four pounds--my dog weighs 86 pounds, so I find this pretty amazing--and Chico is a short-haired Chihuahua.

Snark aside this is a cute website with some good resources about pet adoption, FAQ and pet care. You can imagine my disappointment to find their Formal Petwear shop empty.


If your dog needs head-to-toe July 4th styling--perhaps he or she is in a play or reenactment of some sort--Posh Puppy Boutique can help. Accessorize dresses and shirts with collars, scarves, and jaunty little hats. Thinking about running your dog for office? He (or she, I suppose) can make a good impression with a canine collar and necktie.


Double-down on your pup's patriotic pride and order from Fufufasions--the website touts its products as ALL MADE IN AMERICA. In addition to plenty of patriotic options, Fufu has sleepwear, summertime clothes, belly bands (for dogs with cold bellies? Is that a thing?) and--mind-bendingly--faux fur.


Puprwear is an online boutique for canine fashionistas and their owners. Not only are clothes and accessories organized by occasion, the website offers lookbook-type styling suggestions. Seriously. As for Independence Day, Puprwear shows its patriotism by offering free shipping within the United States--the Lower 48 anyway. Don't worry, Puprwear, Alaskans and Hawaiians are used to getting screwed on the "free shipping within the U.S." thing--trust me. Damn you people and your little asterisk "except Hawaii and Alaska" disclaimers!

Speaking of Alaska, you'd think Puprwear would offer the 49th state a little love, considering they are styling their dogs' patriotic wear after my esteemed former half-governor. Behold The Palin: Patriotic Puppywear, complete with sexy eyeglasses.


Question: How can I be expected to resist the cuteness of a yellow lab puppy? Answer: I can't. I will always be a sucker for a yellow lab puppy, because my baby is a yellow lab and she is, definitively, the cutest, smartest, funniest, most adorable dog on the planet. So when they use a picture like that I must spend time on their website. To my delight, MyPetHaven does have formal wear and I think Sandy would look amazing, if androgynous, in the collar and cuffs.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, people!

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