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Six Destinations for Patriotic Puppy Clothing

I've already got my outfit for July 4th all picked out--this cute, military-inspired dress from Shabby Apple. Patriotic outfits for people are easy to find, but shopping for myself got me wondering about my dog--what about Sandy? When I started my Google search for patriotic pet duds, I thought I might find a funny picture or two. What I found were websites with comprehensive collections of pro-America petwear. My big ol' yellow lab prefers to run around Houston au natural for obvious reasons (pant, pant) but some of this stuff is almost too cute to resist. Is it dog-abuse if I shave her just to make her cold enough to justify buying her clothes? I was just going to get her a collar or something, but some of these photos make me want to go on a doggy-dud spending spree.

PS: The reason I didn't do any shopping for cats is that I don't have a cat, nor do I particularly like cats. If you are a cat person I recommend searching "patriotic cat clothes." I'm curious about what would pop up if you searched "patriotic pussy clothes," too.

Although I would like to believe that my dog can pull off anything, this collar might be better suited to an ankle-biter.

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Christina Uticone