Sleeping Beauty

Houston Grand Opera’s “Opera to Go!” Company is presenting a 45-minute mini-opera version of Sleeping Beauty for kids today at the Miller Outdoor Theatre — sung in English, of course. (Introducing children to opera and classical music is no simple task, but Tchaikovsky, whose music formed the merry cores of Disney’s Fantasia and Sleeping Beauty, is a good composer with whom to start.)

This version of Sleeping Beauty has done away with sharp spinning wheels and sword fights, and recast the tale in a Russian kingdom. The king has offended the Winter Fairy by declaring that he wants eternal spring (a tall order in Russia). The Winter Fairy retaliates, saying that if his daughter, Anna, ever leaves the kingdom, she’ll freeze. Throw in some animals, a handsome prince and Tchaikovsky’s original ballet score, and lesson No. 1 is complete. 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, this week only. 100 Concert Drive, Hermann Park. For information, call 281–373–3386 or visit Free.
May 5-9, 11 a.m., 2008

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Julia Ramey