Sleeping Beauty

For decades, dance devotees and imaginative daydreamers alike have flocked to see Sleeping Beauty, which the Houston Ballet has currently revived. The famed tale of Princess Aurora, cursed by the jealous Carabosse and put to sleep to await being awoken by her true love’s kiss, is set to a legendary score by Tchaikovsky. But it isn’t all simple pleasures, especially for the star ballerinas. In a preview video, Artistic Director Stanton Welch calls Sleeping Beauty an “important ballet…because it set a benchmark for very difficult classical roles, especially the females.” The smiles of the princess and her fairies, as well as the froufrou set and costumes, belie the very hard work going on. For the fortunate audience, however, it’s all a delightful dream come true. 7:30 p.m. March 10. Through March 20. Wortham Theater Center, 501 Texas. For a full schedule, call 713-227-2787 or visit $18 to $168.
Thu., March 10; Sat., March 12; Sun., March 13; Fri., March 18; Sat., March 19; Sun., March 20, 2011
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