Slideshow: Daniel Anguilu and Yamin Cespedes at Dionysis Salon

Friday night, Ghost Town Artworks hosted the opening reception for a series of works by painter Daniel Anguilu and sculptor Yamin Cespedes, which are on display at the midtown location of Dionysus Hair Salon (3201 Louisiana).

Anguilu's current painting style has evolved from the many years that he traveled the world as a graffiti artist. The animals, figures, and "monsters" he paints can be found throughout Houston, especially in the East End neighborhood he calls home. His artistic focus is creating and displaying art in urban public spaces.

Cespedes was a professor of art for more than 10 years in his native Chile before coming to the United States. His works include unusual wooden renderings of insects and other animals.

See our slideshow (with photos by Groovehouse and Marco Torres).

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