Slideshow: Danny Nguyen Couture at War'Haus

The War'Haus was packed enough on Saturday night to officially change its name to the "Party'Haus." Vietnamese-born fashion designer Danny Nguyen put on quite a show with his Japanese-inspired designs. A collection that features both men's and women's clothing isn't something we see from many designers these days.

A red runway flanked by over-sized white origami cranes was the main stage, but unfortunately viewers vying for a closer look smashed the beautiful cranes. The gowns mimicked the origami-decorated runway, with cranes and other geometric objects sliced into the bosoms and shoulder pieces. The colors were vibrant and happy, not a sad garment in the whole collection. Once the crowds subsided and the wall space was visible, the paintings became the other main focus of the night.

James Perez was the highlighted artist in the main gallery, along with about a dozen other artists. The drinks were flowing as D.J. Rezerekt spun the party into the night.

Check out the slideshow.

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