Slideshow: Underworld's 12th Annual Gothic Beauty Pageant at Numbers

The crowd at Underworld's 12th annual Gothic Beauty Pageant on Saturday was a sea of powder-white faces, black lace, and combat boots. Creatures of the night descended on Numbers outfitted in their eerie best in hopes of being crowned Houston's new king or queen of Goth (or at least black clothing). Clubgoers writhed on the dancefloor to the sounds of DJs Mina & vvJames, heavy with Bauhaus, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Depeche Mode, and (of course) Joy Division, and dined on blood-spattered cupcakes and broken heart cookies in the Vampire Lounge, courtesy of Lynda Rouner's Blue Rose Desserts. At midnight Emcees Scarlett St. Vitus (Ms. Spooky '06) and Lady Spleen (Ms. Spooky '07) led contestants clothed in corsets, top hats, gas masks, electrical tape--even antique birdcages fashioned as head and hand wear--across the stage before a distinguished panel of judges that included the Houston Press' own Goth lord, Jef with One F.

See our slideshow of photos from the event.

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Lauren Marmaduke
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