Slideshow: Via Colori (Update with Video)

(Check out the slideshow.)

Both professional and novice artists ground chalk to pavement in downtown Houston last weekend during the annual Via Colori street festival. Our favorite images included three dimensional-works that tricked the eye, a work-in-progress Jack Nicholson from The Shining and an imagined portrait of Jimi Hendrix and Beethoven.

Update: Art Attack was also a judge for Saturday's "Great Chalk-Off," in which students from the Center for Hearing and Speech were paired with a local news personality and competed to create the best two-foot by two-foot chalk drawing based on the theme "the art of sound." ABC 13's Tom Koch and Tim Heller, KHOU's Gene Norman, NBC Local 2's Frank Billingsly (sensing a weather theme?) and KRIV Fox's Melissa Wilson helped the kids (who had all received cochlear implants as part of the Center's therapy). The judges' first deliberation resulted in a tie, but eventually we unanimously picked Wilson and her Center alum Lisa Kurland, who won two round trip tickets on Continental.

Click ahead for photos of the Chalk-Off and video.

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