So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Results

This week was the first time this season that "America" voted on its favorite dancers individually instead of in couples, which means there's no partner to blame it on, no misunderstanding of style, no place to run, no place to hide. It also shows how dumb "America" can be at times.

Jordan Casanova, who turned us at Art Attack for a night when we realized she could actually do more than the stripper-type routines she usually does (and actually did the other styles well) ended up in the bottom four dancers. Before, she had been in the bottom three twice.

Now, I didn't object to the times she ended up in the bottom three. I thought she was a one-trick pony, and probably would have breathed a sigh of relief had she been sent home then. But now, the girl has shown her versatility, her strengths and the fact that, as Nigel put it, she has very few weaknesses, and "America" still wants her gone. It's a little frustrating, but she's also one of the judges' favorites, so she's probably not going anywhere.

In other news, Snoop Dogg showed up, some girl band named Blush bounced around on stage and Russian ballet dancer Daniil Simkin danced to Jaques Brel's "Les Bourgeois."

Clarice, Ricky and Mitchell joined Jordan in the bottom four. We weren't surprised by Mitchell's presence, since the judges weren't big fans of his plane performance. Ricky had done an OK job, but Clarice, who handled the Argentine tango beautifully, definitely did not belong there.

On to dance for your life. No big surprises there.

Daniil Simkin's skippy, playful performance was delightful, and for a second I felt like I was watching something on PBS instead of Fox. Nail Patrick Harris gave Nigel props the night before for bringing dance into the living rooms of America, and I hope "America" was paying attention to Simkin.

Oh Snoop. Is your future so bright you gotta wear shades? At first, I thought his microphone was a potato-masher, but it turned out to...well, I'm still not sure what it's supposed to be. He and Blush performed a brand-new song called "Undivided," a kind of carnivalesque girl-pop song. Eh. I'm not really sure what this had to do with dance (Snoop just kind of walks around, the girls just bounced from side to side), but hey, at least it killed some time while the judges made their decision.

When that decision came, it turned out it was time for Clarice and Mitchell to go home. But don't worry, they'll be on tour with SYTYCD when it comes to Houston in September.

Next week: Lady Gaga!

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