So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results

Nigel Lythgoe shouldn't wear t-shirts. Maybe we're just used to his dapper Englishness and three-piece neatness, but seeing him wear a t-shirt last night just reminded me of when I was in college and would see professors out of the lecture hall; whether it was buying a newspaper or drinking in a pub, it just looked out-of-place, out-of-character and just plain wrong. Sure, the t-shirt (which was also probably one size too small) advertised Lythgoe's Dizzy Feet Foundation, but next time, he should just wear a ball cap.

We bid farewell to two dancers last night and met the all-stars who will dance with the top 10 (Melody, Season 1; Allison, Season 2; Pasha, Season 3; Twitch, Comfort and Chelsie, Season 4; Brandon, Season 5; Kathryn, Season 6; and Robert, Season 7. We also learned that, starting next week, the couples will split up and choose a new partner out of a hat for one dance. For the other dance, they'll team up with an all-star.

Ryan and Ricky and Caitlynn and Mitchell end up in the bottom three couples, as well as Sasha and Alexander, who find themselves there for the first time. Cat Deeley is a sweetheart and tells each anxious couple how much we're looking forward to seeing them dance their solos.

During dance for your life, Caitlynn dances a strong jazz snippet, but it looks kind of improvised and unrehearsed, Mitchell is heavy on the leaps, turns and splits, Ryan gives probably her strongest solo yet (but what is up with her hair?), Ricky shows off his athleticism, Sasha takes us back to her auditions with Natalia with her smooth modern routine and Alexander shows off his strength in ballet.

While the judges make their decision, we listen to Nicole Sherzinger autotune the hell out of her vocals and watch a tap troupe, which is actually really cool until they start rapping.

The judges are unanimous with their decision about the girls: Ryan, with her "down-and-depressed" countenance, is leaving.

This makes me nervous for Ricky, because, up until now, the pairs of contestants that have been sent home have been dancing partners. But in the end, it's Alexander, whose solo was a let-down to the judges, who will leave.

Did we get the best dancers in the top 10? Did we already send the best dancers home? Tell us in the comments.

Next week: Top 10 and all-stars perform.

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