So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Results, Pia Toscano Performs and Art Attack Shows Up

Last night, two more talented dancers were sent home while four dancers were chosen to go into next week's finale. It's been an emotional week, filled with powerful choreography, tearful verdicts from the judges and cameos from the contestants' proud parents.

But let's focus on the me for a second.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that last weekend, Art Attack held its first-ever National Dance Day event in the Houston Press parking lot, and we sent SYTYCD a video of our dance routine (which we danced with about 50 other local participants). Not only did we land three spots in the National Dance Day montage on last night's episode (pictured above right), but ours was the representative "Houston" footage in the reel. One last time, thanks to everyone who came out and helped us get on national television. We'll see you next year.

Are we really surprised at who's in the finale? Ricky's been a hot mess the past few weeks and Caitlynn lacked maturity. Still, for those of you that need it spelled out for you, the finalists are:

Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Tadd.

And if you've been wondering over the past few weeks (like I have) whether the choreographers have been running out of ideas, you got your answer last night when the final six contestants danced around a giant flower.

The night before, Christina Applegate had told Caitlynn that her stunning performance with Marko was "moment," and this was proven when Caitlynn gave a sloppy solo performance. Everyone else, meanwhile, did their usual: Tadd walked on his hands, Marko impressed with his graceful legwork, Melanie's deliberate movements showed an understanding of their meaning, Sasha was all over that stage with her heavy-footed steps and Ricky gave a committed swan song, flailing and falling about on stage.

Die-hard fans were treated to a performance by last year's winner (Lauren) and runner-up (Kent), who gave a breathtaking performance of a Travis Wall contemporary routine. We also got an ironically tame performance by the Bad Boys of Dance, who nonetheless impressed with their backward extensions and their back arches. I mean, ouch.

And American Idol contestant Pia Toscano gave a so-so performance of "This Time." Once again, I'm not really sure what these musical performances have to do with dance, especially when the performers' movement is limited to a light stroll around the stage. If that.

All in all, the real winner last night was "dance," or so Nigel Lythgoe would like us to believe. But the real, real winner will be decided next week.

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