So You Wanna Be an Actor?

WED 2/4

Calling all freaky-deakys: Are you covered in tattoos and piercings? Gay or lesbian and not afraid to show it? A bondage enthusiast or member of the trans-whatever community? Stop making those home movies and be in a real one. The producers of Clubfoot, a chase comedy set in the Houston club scene, are looking for extras. Warm, partying hardbodies are needed as background wallpaper for scenes shot in BAR Houston (February 18, hip party kids) and Club Go (March 7). "Both of those clubs have a great energy and atmosphere," says Clubfoot writer and director Travis Ammons. But how freaky is too freaky? "I've never heard of too freaky," he says. "Isn't that a double negative or oxymoron or something?" Ammons, along with producer and actor Tim Wrobel, hopes to shop the completed film (from their own Dizzy Stick Films) to major independent film festivals.

"We need normal people as well as party animals, all types," Ammons adds. The plot involves a young man on a first date who spots his underage sister in a club and, after attempting to take her back home to Mom, loses her and enlists the inevitable "wacky friends" to track her down from club to club. Hilarity, we suppose, ensues. "By the end of the movie, everyone's in a drag bar where a stripper gets shot in the ass and a couple of the lead actors get into drag," says Ammons. And who says they don't make realistic, quality movies anymore? For casting information, call 713-263-1226 or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] by Wednesday, February 4. -- Bob Ruggiero



The mid-week session with my therapist was grueling. My state of denial was now big enough to be its own country. Her advice was to go straight home and unwind over some herbal tea, but on my way home, I nixed it and decided to pull into the first bar I laid eyes upon. Buca di Beppo (5192 Buffalo Speedway, 713-665-2822) reeled me in as I was turning the corner, and five minutes later I was sipping on an unsweetened Mama Mia. It was still early, maybe a little after 5 p.m., and the bar was empty save for a middle-aged couple who appeared to be newly acquainted. People over a certain age should simply refrain from groping. It's gross. Her cell phone rang, and it was her husband. "I told you I'll be working late, Frank. Now fix your own goddamn dinner!" Her bark ended as soon as she hung up the phone, and she fell back into a Marilyn Monroe whisper. "Now, where were we?" I looked around for the bartender, who was nowhere to be found. Maybe tea wasn't such a bad idea after all.

1 1/2 ounces McCormick vodka
1 ounce Chambord

Juice of half a lime

2 packets sugar (optional)

Fill your favorite drink shaker with ice. Measure out the vodka and Chambord, followed by the lime juice. Then add the sugar, if you're so inclined. Shake vigorously, pondering if a drink is really going to make you feel better about yourself. Pour contents into an old-fashioned glass. -- J.W. Crooker

Soul Bowl

Need a little soul for your Super Bowl party? Just go to the Third Ward for the Super SoulFest, two days of food, vendors, music, poetry and sooooouuuullll. Almeda will be bustling with activity from Binz to Cleburne. Get your all-out eat on at Reggae Hut or Naturally Yours, score some art at the Black Heritage Gallery and heckle some neo-soul poets at G's and Z's. The children will enjoy the kid stuff at Peggy Park, and there will even be some zydeco on Saturday evening. But watch out if you're walking, because the Urban Cowboys and their horses will be dropping more than a little black-cowboy history on the newly bricked Almeda Road. 10 a.m. Friday and Saturday, January 30 and 31. For information, call 713-521-0900 or visit Free for most events. -- Felicia Johnson-LeBlanc

Super Stars

FRI 1/30

Worried you just might not have a big enough bank account to mingle with Snoop Dogg after the Super Bowl at his Real Playaz Ball over at the Mercury Room? Then hustle your sweet bustle over to P. Diddy's Savoir Affair, where (insert name of imagined celebrity) might actually show up. While Snoop's handlers say they've invited everyone from Eminem to Halle Berry, P. Diddy has his own horde of maybe-they'll-show-ups, including Ashton Kutcher, over at the much larger, boomier confines of HUSH. No word on whether he'll bring Demi and the rugrats. 9 p.m. Friday, January 30. 15625 Katy Freeway. For information, call 713-330-HUSH or visit $75 to $500. -- Greg Barr

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