Someecards.com: All the News (Commentary) You Need

Just in case you've been living under a rock, someecards.com is a free online e-card service that mocks the gooey sentimentality of the traditional greeting card. Bitch-slaps it right across the face is more like it. The company's cards range from tacky and odd to outrageous-even-by-internet-standards naughty. Its motto, "When you care enough to hit send," just about says it all.

Huge popularity and increased profitability have allowed founders Brooke Lundy and Duncan Mitchell to employ a staff of writers and expand the categories of their trademark deadpan humor and antiquated graphics from traditional greeting card fare (holidays, birthdays, weddings and the like) to unconventional (flirting, bored to death, somewhat topical, workplace). There have been significant changes to the site as well, including a news blog, online store, twitter feed, and a mobile app.

These days if it's making headlines in politics, sports, entertainment, or pop culture chances are Someecards has a tasteless e-card on deck. While the site may not be a news source, they can be counted on for some of the wittiest commentary on the web--delivered in small, sorbet-colored portions with an old-time graphic to boot.

Check out some more examples on the next page.

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