The Grand 1894 Opera House hosts An Evening with Sophia Loren, February 4, in Galveston.
The Grand 1894 Opera House hosts An Evening with Sophia Loren, February 4, in Galveston.
Photo courtesy of Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren Plans Stop in Galveston

[Updated February 1, 2017:] On February 1 we learned that Sophia Loren's visit to Galveston has been postponed until 2018. Ticket holders may call 800-821-1894 for more information.

There's nothing negative to say about Sophia Loren. Ever.

Okay, maybe the film version of Verdi's Aida (1953) was the Italian movie clunker to end all movie clunkers, but young, earthy Sophia barged through that experience when everyone else would have sunk. Dubbed by opera's super diva Renata Tebaldi and swathed in non-p.c. nut-brown body makeup, she's an eyeful.

When the statuesque 19-year-old caught the eye of movie producer Carlo Ponti, she subsequently conquered Italian cinema, besieged Hollywood, soon had the world at her feet, Ponti as her husband and a Best Actress Academy Award for Vittorio de Sica's Two Women (1960), the first acting prize ever given to an actor in a foreign film.

During her abundant career she starred with A-listers Richard Burton, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Marcello Mastroianni (her most frequent co-star), Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Peter O'Toole and Daniel Day-Lewis.

She has stories to tell, both personal and professional, and she'll tell them with film clips and home movies during An Evening with Sophia Loren at The Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston. She will be in conversation with former Entertainment Tonight host Bill Harris, who will facilitate questions from audience members.

Loren has received a Grammy Award, five special Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award, a Laurel Award as Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival and an Honorary Academy Award in 1991. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded her the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1995. Her autobiography, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – My Life, was released in 2014, telling the story of an illegitimate girl from the south of Italy who became one of the most glamorous international film stars.

Who could pass up a one-nighter with this singular cinema icon?

An Evening with Sophia Loren is scheduled for Saturday, February 4 at 8 p.m. at The Grand 1894 Opera House, 2020 Postoffice, Galveston, 800-821-1894, $55 to $75.

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