Spontaneous Wayne

Wayne Brady just can't stop making stuff up. Ever since the 29-year-old man o' many talents became one of the quick-witted mainstays on ABC's weekly improv comedyfest Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the Orlando-born Brady has built a rep as a performer who can whip up a song out of thin air. But he's more than a song-and-dance man. "Of course, I really think that's the edge that got me the show in the first place, so I never want to knock it," says Brady. "But, I mean, I would hope, after doing this for ten years, that I was better [known] than just 'the music guy.' "

Brady pledges that more of his extemporaneous skills will be on display when he brings his own unscripted revue, "Wayne Brady & Friends," to town this week. Brady, along with a few of his improv buddies, will make up sketches, songs and other spontaneous moments. "I've been doing improv for a number of years that it was only logical, since Whose Line has such a big fan base…to take the show to the fans."

In a sense, this tour is a warm-up for Brady's biggest endeavor yet: being at the helm of his own prime-time network show. With the aptly titled Wayne Brady Show (premiering this August), Brady is looking to revive the variety show, with the help of his own cast, dancers and a 13-piece orchestra. Brady also will be doing impromptu bits with special guest stars such as Brian McKnight and 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake. "The aim is to take special guests out of their normal realm," he explains. But even if this show blowuptuates like he hopes it will, he won't be giving up his seat on the Whose Line panel. "It's not even work," he admits. "I love doing the show. So I'll never pull a David Caruso and just bail ship."

He may be funny, but he's no damn fool!

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