Spring Fashion: A Garden Party

The three "Fs" of fashion this spring are, in order: Femme, flirty, florals. Not limited to the runway, pastel hues and the florals that inspire them have infused everything from nail polish to cosmetics to perfume this season. Look no further than the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2014 runway--if you can afford a $10,000, hand-painted deerskin or sheepskin trench coat, that is. No worries--those of us on a budget can opt for hand-painted organdy for a mere $3,995.

If you can't scare up the four grand you need to land that Burberry trench you love, try H&M's Jacquard Weave take on a trench; collarless, with trumpet sleeves, for just $129. If you love vintage, hunt Etsy for something romantic, like this green floral trench ($50) from peppermintpink, that looks like something you'd steal from your great-aunt's closet when everyone else is at her wake.

If you're afraid of commitment, apply femme spring fashion sparingly, through makeup and accessories. Several collections with floral inspiration are out at the moment. Chanel's Jardin de Camélias Collection is now available exclusively online. The camellia is, famously, Mademoiselle's favorite flower, and the colors in the collection are youthful, easy-to-wear pastels.

Also keep an eye out for Aerin Beauty's ten new shades in her Rose Balm Lipstick line. "Aerin" refers to Aerin Lauder--yes, that Lauder--whose eponymous line of beauty products is gaining praise for high-quality products that continue the family tradition. Rose Balm Lipsticks are, according to the company, infused with an extract from over 350 rose petals. They aren't all named after flowers, but lilacs, geraniums, and poppies pop up among the ten new shades being introduced.

If a little flower power goes a long way, consider a small accessory to maximize spending power on a trendy piece you may not always love. (Florals can grow on you, and then haunt you, like no other pattern. Gorgeous one day, grandma's bedspread the next.) While $1500 might seem like a lot to spend on a leather pastel clutch with leather petals, compared to their trench coats Burberry is offering us a real steal on "the new runway bag," The Petal. http://us.burberry.com/the-petal/ If that's still a little rich for your blood, Zappos has floral clutch options from Vera Bradley, Alexander McQueen ($540, but still!), and Dooney & Bourke, among others.

And then there are the perennial favorites; those flowers that never go out of style, and survive the annual whim of the runway. Your Rosebud Salves, and your Chanel perfumes (Mademoiselle for the modern girl, No. 5 for those who like their abstract flowers to have a few thorns), and your rosewater facial mists and glycerin soaps.

For more info on Spring 2014 florals, check out Into the Gloss's Florals You Want to Wear, Now, and Vogue's Fashion Guide for Spring 2014.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.