Doctor Who

Story Time Slap Fight: The Doctor vs. Riff Raff

This may sound harsh, but it is the God's honest truth. If you don't read to your children, you don't really love them. Sorry, but there is simply no getting around that. The act of sharing a book with your child, in addition to being one of the most magical parts of the parenting experience, teaches them to discover and imagine the way no other activity will. Honor the bedtime story, brothers and sisters, for it is soul.

That being said, as a working parent myself, I understand that some nights it's just a little too hard to muster the energy to get all the way through How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight complete with the appropriate number of kisses per page and an overly enthusiastic toddler head-butting you in the chin for 15 minutes. Luckily, I have discovered a marvelous pinch hitter for when the grind has me too drained to participate. Two, actually, and now I have to choose.

Apparently, back in 2009 BBC produced a set of videos called CBeebies Bedtime Stories that featured David Tennant reading to your kids. That's right, the Tenth (and many might argue the best) Doctor from Doctor Who sat down to hang out with your child. How cool is that? Very cool, indeed, but the Halloween season is upon us, and so he has a rival in Richard O'Brien. The man behind the Rocky Horror Picture Show has a spine-tingling series of ghost stories by JH Brennan that user Lemming013 has loaded to YouTube for all to hear. Now we pit the two against each other to see which we'll subject our offspring to!

In this corner: For many, David Tennant is THE Doctor when they think of Doctor Who. His youthful appearance, compassion, cleverness and bravery have made the Tenth Doctor a hero to millions of kids already. In the CBeebies Bedtime Stories, he's the embodiment of a quirky uncle or perhaps an imaginary friend, and the books he reads are all tried-and-true bedtime stories like Miki and How High Is the Sky? Plus, he usually has stuffed penguins accompanying him, which is a plus in anyone's book.

And in this corner: Kids aren't as likely to be familiar with Richard O'Brien, the composer of naughty rock musicals and most famous as the hunchbacked servant in Rocky Horror. American children might recognize him as the voice of Lawrence Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb, and he was the beloved host of the children's game show The Crystal Maze in the '90s. Still, he's a dashing if slightly devilish gentleman that can entertain any audience. His readings involve real-life ghost stories of the British Isles compiled by JH Brennan and delivered in the most perfect Halloween voice this side of Christopher Lee.

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