Street Style: Inspiration From Across The Pond

To the casual observer, fashion might seem a frivolous thing. But the reality is that fashion tells a story. What we call a period costume today was once en vogue, and what looks esoteric on the runway will eventually be translated by a mass-market retailer and, more likely than not, hanging in your closet. I love the tension between what's classic and what's on-trend; Coco Chanel once said, "fashion fades, only style stays the same."

We communicate with our clothes: Who we are, how we feel, what we value. While I find endless inspiration in the designer runway collections, it's the way people on the street interpret those designs and incorporate them into their everyday style that fascinates me the most. So I am hitting the streets of Houston and finding inspiration in your street style for Art Attack.

I interviewed 22-year-old Abby at her office in the Museum District. She described fashion as one of her many passions and said she finds much of her inspiration from looking at European fashion, particularly British designs. When she shops online, Abby prefers British retailer, and she cites French Connection as another of her favorite go-to stores: "There's only one French Connection in Houston--in the Galleria--but I order a lot from their New Orleans store."

I was especially interested in Abby's necklace, a braided tassel of chain mail in multi-colored metals. When I asked her where she got it, Abby told me "some boutique in Rice Village--I can't remember where. I got it a few years ago." I noted that tassels are very on-trend right now, and that they were all over the Chanel runway. Abby agreed and added that they were also recently seen on the Gucci Spring 2011 Ready to Wear runway: "That's why I dug it out and started wearing it again!"

White sweater: BCBG

Blue jumpsuit: Bebe

Watch: Michael Kors

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Christina Uticone