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Students to Put on "One Stop Hip-Hop Shop" at Hobby Center May 10

Music Doing Good, Inc. is a fine arts organization serving at-risk schools and students in the Houston area. According to Julie Lambert, press and media manager for Music Doing Good, Inc., the nonprofit organization's mission "is to inspire and transform lives through innovative, music-based programming."

One way they are doing this is through Music Doing Good in Schools, a division of the elder organization, which provides after-school enrichment programs that teach students about select music genres.

This year, Music Doing Good in Schools will conclude two semesters of hip-hop music appreciation with a performance at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. With the first semester spent learning about hip-hop, the current semester has consisted of students from MacGregor Elementary, Stevenson Middle School and Wheatley High School rehearsing and perfecting the musical and artistic sides of the genre for a performance entitled "One Stop Hip-Hop Shop." This performance of old-school and new-school will showcase every facet of hip-hop.

"Hip-Hop was created as a means for inner city youth to have a voice," says Aisha Ussery, Music Doing Good in Schools' program director. "Contrary to popular belief, negativity was not and is not the foundation of hip-hop culture. The 4 elements of hip-hop (graffiti, DJing, emceeing and dance) positively define this internationally renowned, cultural arts movement. "

As a whole, Music Doing Good, Inc. serves 10,000 students in Title I schools with its arts-based initiatives, which are broken down into five separate divisions:

Now in its second year, Music Doing Good with Instruments provides musical instruments to schools that may not have the funds to purchase enough for their students. Music Doing Good with Lyrics offers assistance to would-be songwriters. Music Doing Good in Concert is a program to raise funds through performances. Music Doing Good Scholarships gives money to musically gifted 12-18-year-olds to continue their pursuits in college.

One Stop Hip-Hop Shop's special performers will include the Lamar Dance Theatre and and Hip Hop 3, both from Lamar High School. Also included are Virtuosi of Houston, a youth orchestra and possibly what will be the highlight of the evening, 12-year-old DJ RedBull spinning the ones and twos.

Says Ussery, "Audiences will be delighted to learn of the history, heritage and hype of hip-hop culture through various art disciplines."

One Stop Hip-Hop shop will be held Friday, May 10. The performance starts at 7:30 p.m., with a digital art exhibit opening at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are $20 for adults; $10 for children under 12. Visit for more information.

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