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Studio Session: Lane Hagood

Art Attack is kicking off a new series of studio visits with local artists. To herald it in, we've interviewed Lane Hagood - sculptor, drawer, painter, member of Sketch Klubb, and 2010 winner of the Hunting Art Prize. Before taking us to his home studio, Hagood invited us to come see his most recent project: painting the side of a taco truck.

How did you get the opportunity to do a taco truck?

Well, the main chef is this guy named Jason Hill. He used to be the chef at Brasil, and I used to work at Domy so I kind of became friends with him through that, and I guess he liked my art. It's been a few years since I've really hung out with him, but he was doing this taco truck and he wanted to kind of do something different and fun, so he asked me to do it and I was definitely stoked to do it, because I think this is way cooler than having an art show. This is going to be driving around and all these people are going to see this thing. It's kind of your dream to have that many people see your artwork - even if they don't really recognize it as that.

Are you going to put your signature on it somewhere?

I don't know. I usually don't - I might. I might put a fake name, I don't know.

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