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Summer TV Club: Malcolm In the Middle "The Graduation"

This week Jef, Pete and I went back in time about five years to weigh in on the series finale of the hit sitcom Malcolm In the Middle. The show quickly became a huge hit for Fox television and made stars out of Malcolm (Frankie Muñiz) his mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) and father Hal (Bryan Cranston). Malcolm In the Middle was nominated for countless awards and won quite a few, and the show is considered one of the top 100 "New TV Classics" by Entertainment Weekly, for whatever that is worth to you.

In the "Graduation" episode, the series finale, Malcolm is struggling to write his valedictorian speech, as his family also tries to piece together how they are going to pay for him to go to Harvard, where he has been accepted. At the same time, the boys (Malcolm, brothers Reese and Dewey), realizing that this is the end of an era, decide to destroy something called the "nuclear option," which is evidence that they all secretly convinced their mother she had cancer in order to get her to sign off on their failing report cards.

Like all Malcolm In the Middle episodes there are many various plots going on. Reese wants to keep his sweet janitorial job forever, which he is told is something that doesn't happen to newbies, so he plans with his grandmother the most monstrous spill of all time that will require his attention to the mop, while older brother Francis refuses to let his mother know that he has found a normal 9-5 job. Now you are pretty much caught up.

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