Super Mario Crossover 2: 10 Characters We Wish They'd Add

Exploding Rabbit Games has unleashed a trailer for Super Mario Crossover 2, its follow-up to its online hit that allowed you to play through the original Super Mario Bros. using classic NES characters like Simon Belmont, Samus Aran and Bill from Contra (Which we all picked first because giving someone a chance to machine a Hammer Brother is proof that there is a God and he grew up in the '80s). As far as an addicting waste of time goes, there are people more productive on heroin than a gamer that just discovered SMC.

Now Exploding Rabbit has upped the ante with its upcoming sequel with more characters like Luigi, Bass and Proto Man, as well as updated graphics and even a Game Boy graphic mode. The work that's gone into the sequel is quite impressive, but just like a new fighting game, what we want is more and more characters. Here are our suggestions:

M-308 Gunner (Metal Storm)

Metal Storm was an awesomely underrated side-scroller starring a robot that could reverse gravity. Though the ability wouldn't be much good out in the open air worlds since he would just fall into the sky, the underground and castle worlds would utterly be his bitch.

Black Mage (Final Fantasy)

Sure, the Warrior would probably be more practical, but the Black Mage is more iconic. As you gain mushrooms and flowers, he could gain a more powerful fire spell using Mario's regular fireballs, but in a spread pattern.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We don't really have to explain why this would be awesome, do we? They even have their own swimming animation.

Ken (Werewolf: The Last Warrior)

One of the more obscure games out there, Werewolf was a blast to play, and perfect for the SMC style. You level up three times, first as a human who can punch and throw a fire blast, then as a werewolf with blades for hands, then as a super werewolf with blades for hands. In addition to the powerful strikes and range attack, he can climb walls and ceilings.

Kage (Legend of Kage)

Granted, between Ryu Hayabusa and our own TMNT suggestion, this might actually be the first time a game has had too many ninjas, but Kage has a very unique controlling style on top of his multidirectional throwing stars.

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