Supermodel Kate Upton Speaks Out Against Bullying

If school bullies won't listen to countless news reports about suicides, crying parents, classroom shootings and Hollywood blockbusters about nerd revenge, then Kate Upton is going to try her damnedest to stop bullying in our nation's educational system. With this new PSA that was released last week, the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover gal gives the anti-bullying a breathy and heaving shot in the arm.

Dude, the way her eyes shined when she said she's taking a stand against bullying, I like, fell in love with her all over again and wanted nothing else in the world than to stop bullying. I think she winked at me when she said that bullying can cause "serious and lasting harm."

For those of us who have never heard her talk, the video is a bracing reminder that she is still, in fact, a 19-year-old supermodel. Like a young Christie Brinkley doing a PSA about the dangers of 'ludes in the early '80s...

This clip comes hot on the stiletto heels of her Easter clip, which saw her in bunny ears frolicking, eating candy and pastries, while adjusting her bra and panties. Sales of Easter candy went up by at least 111 percent, so it only stands to reason that bullying should end, right about....now.

Of course Upton's heart is in the right place, but I can't see your typical teen boy doing anything but gazing at the word "bully" on her shirt. I mean, words are coming out of her mouth, but they won't hear anything. She could be revealing atomic missile launch codes for all they know. I had to watch it six times myself to realize she was talking about bullies.

Haters will say that having the much lusted-after model and budding actress stand up against bullying is like Kim Kardashian stumping for MENSA membership. Or that girls that look like Upton didn't need to worry about bullying when they were in school, since they were at photo shoots straddling Harleys while getting doused by a garden hose when everyone else was in biology class.

But I say let's have more Upton PSA spots. They can't hurt, and maybe if she ends bullying, she can fix the deficit, make that Mohammadnejad fella calm down and get Michael Jordan to finally shave his Hitler moustache.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.