Sure, Let's Remake The Rocketeer, Why Not?

Do you ever get the feeling that movie studios announce remakes or reboots just to make people angry, and that they go into production sarcastically, laughing at a sea of nerds taking the whole thing seriously as the directors and actors and the entire crew giggle at the comments sections on IMDb, Ain't It Cool and (insert your favorite news blog here)?

I think they do, so at least this point it's hard for me to get angry at them. This past week we heard about returns to ALF, Annie, Robocop, Carrie, Starship Troopers, American Psycho and The Warriors. The latter will probably be in limbo for the foreseeable future since director/producer Tony Scott committed suicide this past weekend.

The latest remake/reboot/re-imagining/defilement to be announced is a return to Joe Johnston's would-be summer blockbuster 1991's The Rocketeer, a film that was met with almost insurmountably high hopes, and ended up being a moderate failure. It is now a cult hit. This is being termed a reboot and not a sequel. The comic book action vehicle is a midnight movie mainstay in some circles, too.

Movie blog Film Drunk reminded us that The Rocketeer is also Exhibit A that Jennifer Connelly has been hot for virtually her entire adult film career, save for them eyebrows early on. Check out Career Opportunities if you want to dispute a basic fact of science.

News of the Rocketeer reboot wasn't met with the anger and derision that the Robocop or Red Dawn remakes weathered. People seemed to be more ambivalent to the idea, with some even forgetting about the movie altogether in the past 20 years. I can tell you what the helmet of the titular hero looked like, but that's it. Oh, cool, Clint Howard was in it.

Some reboots and remakes are harmless. It's not like this is a widely beloved property that will split the fabric of the Earth if it is reimagined. It could be worse; it could be Jaws or House Party, you know?

Zac Efron and Emma Stone in it and set it in 2078 or something, see if I care. As long as you put a Kanye West song in the trailer and have Maroon 5 remake Elton John's "Rocket Man" for the soundtrack, we should all be good.

You can watch the original film here on YouTube for now at least, in 11 parts. What? I don't make the rules.

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