Susan Sarandon Turns 65: Ten Hot Pictures Of The Sexagenarian (Indeed)

This week actress Susan Sarandon turned 65, and the star of such films as Dead Man Walking, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Thelma & Louise, and Bull Durham is obviously one of the hottest of the older grand dames in Hollywood. Her turn in Elizabethtown is probably my favorite though.

Her daughter Eva Amurri is continuing the legacy in her own right. You probably saw her sort of not clothed in a few episodes of Californication too. She also looks scarily like her mother too.

Mama Sarandon made headlines this past week when she showed up at an Occupy Wall Street rally in New York, and the actress has always been a liberal firebrand, especially during her 21-year relationship with actor Tim Robbins.

Even at 65 years of age Sarandon is still one of the most attractive women in cinema, proving that age doesn't matter, as long as you have somehow made a deal with the Devil to manage to make men one-fifth your age break their necks to look at you ten years past retirement age.

Her early career was rife with nudity and scandalous roles, like Hattie in Pretty Baby, and sometimes-nekkid Dr. Sarah Roberts in The Hunger. Of course, my first introduction to Sarandon was 1988's Bull Durham, the first baseball movie that my mother wouldn't let me watch unless it was edited for television. Tear.

But yes, Sarandon's a hot older lady. What's one step past "cougar"? Maybe a sabretooth? Either way, that's what she probably is.

As we did for you last week for Brigitte Bardot's 77th birthday - which you all seemed to go gaga over - we present to you the hottest ten pictures of Ms. Sarandon that we could find, that aren't nude, because why would you want to look at that, right? Most of these are from her earliest roles. The damnedest thing, I ouldn't find a hot photo of her as Sister Helen Prejean from Dead Man Walking, though if you are into dowdy nun clothes, I stand corrected.

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