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SXSW: Ten Things Your Outfit Says About You

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VVM-SXSW-Thu-20-Vermin Supreme_crop.jpg
Photo by Erik Hess
​Some folks attend South by Southwest to look at bands, but a good many passing through the 2012 edition seem to enjoy the added benefits of being looked at, as well. Even without haute couture, music fans and opportunists on the streets of Austin send a wealth of subliminal messages to each other simply by their choice of wardrobe.

Here are the top ten visual subjects who let us point a camera at them, and what their attire was saying -- or screaming -- at us.

10. "My pants look better than your legs."

Photo by Erik Hess

9. "Check out my mixtape." Also, this guy told us to check out his mixtape.
Photo by Erik Hess

8. "You should've seen my vest before I painted my daughter's bedroom."
Photo by Erik Hess

7. "This beard is not just some weekend experiment."
Photo by Erik Hess

6. "We thought there was a possibility that we would come across some turntables today, so we dressed in a suitably fresh manner."
Photo by Erik Hess

5. "When does Steve Aoki go on?"
Photo by Erik Hess
4. "Check us out on Bandcamp." Plus, they did tell us to check them out on Bandcamp.
Photo by Erik Hess
3. "DGK-ing for a period of time that drops below a 24-hour threshold is not acceptable."
Photo by Erik Hess
2. "What is it that I love again? Oh, that's right: Fun." Whenever we mentioned this guy, people shot back, "Was it referring to the band Fun.?" Possibly, but give this guy a little credit.
Photo by Erik Hess
1. "Vote for me, I'm running for president of your nightmare." Actually, Vermin Supreme has run in numerous elections since he began his gonzo political career in the late '80s. In spite of promoting essential measures like mandatory tooth-brushing and zombie apocalypse awareness, he is not seen as a serious contender for the 2012 Democratic nomination. 
VVM-SXSW-Thu-20-Vermin Supreme.jpg
Photo by Erik Hess

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