Target Launches Interactive "Falling For You" Movie/Shopping Experience

When I first heard Target would be releasing "uninterrupted, shoppable short films" I admit my first thought was: "Lame." I mean, if you have a new collection just forward me some photos and a press release, and a link where I can browse and zoom in on items, and I'll be happy to figure out whether it's worth my money. But then I saw that actress Kristin Bell was part of the project, and my cold, dead heart beat just a little faster. I was never a Veronica Mars viewer (though I hear I really missed out), and it wasn't any particular movie role that inspired my full-on girl crush on Kristin Bell--it's this home video of her, in which Kristin Bell loses her shit over a sloth, which is apparently her spirit animal.

If not enough to make me shop, Kristin Bell is certainly enough to make me watch; she appears in the Target film/series "Falling for You" alongside Nia Long and Zachary Abel, and they are directed by Mad Men director Phil Abraham. Let's take a look at the "Falling For You" entertainment/shopping experience.

Once my cynicism subsided I realized that this is actually kind of a brilliant move. How many times have you watched a television show or movie, or just run across a still photo, and wondered where that shirt, or that nail polish, or those earrings came from? The online Target films allow you to watch the movies and "favorite" items--displayed to the right of the movie player--by clicking on the heart icon or by pressing "V". After the film, you visit the Favorites section to shop your selections.

The first film in the Falling For You series debuted on October 2. Luckily there is very little time investment--episode one comes in at just over three minutes. I have to admit, I was so busy watching the scrolling slideshow of products I got a little distracted from the plot--that said, it's a three-minute video without a lot of plot. Bell and Zachary Abel are co-workers engaging in some sort of competition for their boss (Long); the two characters have met previously, but Abel's character doesn't remember Bell's, and that's where the episode ends.

Am I dying for episode two, which airs today (Thursday, October 4)? Not really--we aren't talking Lost-style cliffhangers here. (Episode three airs October 9, and a live event will complete the series on October 10.) But will I watch it? Absolutely--the more Kristin Bell, the better.

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Christina Uticone