Technology Trumps Talent

The votes were tallied. Bristol Palin would be one of three finalists in the finale of the most watched season of Dancing With the Stars. Derek Hough's jaw was on the floor, Bruno Tonioli was on his feet, and a man in Wisconsin took a shotgun to his TV.

Although Bristol has repeatedly denied any political agenda behind her support, comments on the radically conservative website HillBuzz.com suggest otherwise ("That Mirror Ball Trophy is going to look FANTASTIC in the White House!"). What's more, the threads actually map out a how-to guide for ballot stuffing, taking advantage of a glitch in ABC's online voting system.

HOW TO BALLOT STUFF ON DANCING WITH THE STARS (Actual, unedited comments from a post on Hillbuzz.org, November 16, 2010)

"SAVE every JUNK email you get this week.. write the email address down and register it. I get so much.. it will be easy. We need a massive get out the vote effort with our friends and family."

"Learn how to delete your cookies. It's so much easier than to keep registering. It's under Tools in IE and Firefox. Then Options in IE, General Tab, Browsing History, click delete all history. When you click "Delete", make sure cookies are checked and click "Delete" again. For Firefox, it's Tools, Options, Privacy Tab, Click either clear recent history or remove individual cookies. Both will get you to the option to clear cookies. It was so smooth in Firefox that I was in a rhythm. That way ABC isn't overloaded with phony registrations, but you can vote multiple times."

"Start registering on ABC now, save yourself time later. You will need that time to vote come Monday. Hint...you can add numbers to email addies to get new addies. i.e.: "PalinFan@gmail.com, PalinFan1@gmail.com, PalinFan2@gmail.com", etc. I have PalinFan 1-20, so far, plus JingleBelle1-20, GoGoBristol, 1-20....You can also use yahoo, gmail, and hotmail for the same addies, IYKWIMAITYD"

"I cleared the cookies and voted several time. Any email will do, it just has to be registered. Not necessarily a real email, just registered."

Hollywood stars proved no match for Sarah Palin's dog pound and Tea Party crazies. They're tech savvy, hard-core, rules be damned, win by any means necessary, and they follow their leader with a cult-like devotion. And this is just a dance competition. However, they're also the people behind the Tea Party and GOP movements that took back control of the House of Representatives earlier this month.

After the 2008 election the GOP was heavily criticized for being "out of touch" with modern Americans. The result was a viral infiltration by the GOP. According to Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg, Republican and Tea Party candidates outnumbered Democrats four-to-one in terms of fan pages and profiles on the site prior to the 2010 midterm election. This visual representation of candidates' pre-election traffic on Twitter looks like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

The message for Dancing with the Stars and American politicians is the same: Winning Is no longer about talent or who you know. Today it's about who you're connected to on the internet.

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