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Teenage Mutant Arkham City? 5 Turtle Bosses We Hope Make It In

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Rumors began circling this week that Rocksteady would not be following up Batman: Arkham City with another Dark Knight adventure, and would instead be working on using the same style to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For those who may only know the Turtles from their '80s cartoon, we can assure you that the source comic book material is far darker and grittier than the pizza loving heroes of your youth.

That's the aspect of TMNT that Rocksteady is supposedly working on. Though nothing official has been released yet, leaks report the game's title as the Manhattan Crisis, and that we can expect to see Shredder, Krang, Baxter Stockman, Bebop, and Rocksteady (appropriately enough). That's to be expected, but the series has lots of great villains to choose from and we wanted to put forth some suggestions.


Bloodsucker is a mutated leech from the original Mirage comic, and he has all the trappings of a great boss battle. His bloodsucking attack leaches mutagen from the Turtles reverting them more and more to their original pet turtle state while making him stronger. Only by reclaiming the blood can they re-mutate and weaken Bloodsucker enough to defeat him.


Garbageman's dream was to rule an island made of filth while building a combination killdozer/hoveround to support his fat ass while he lorded over homeless people. This actually is the most plausible plan we've ever heard in any TMNT vehicle. The Rocksteady folks do disgusting well, so this would be a nice, pungent encounter.


Shogun was an exclusive boss for the NES port of the Arcade Game, and apparently the person who wrote his entry on the TMNT wiki was apparently written by a completely insane person. Here's all you need to know, big guy, big knife on a big stick, and he can detach his head to attack you with it. Sounds fun to us.

A.J. Howard

Howard is a slug mutant that masquerades as a regular human. His big schtick was mind control and behind the scenes manipulations. We're hoping for him not so much for himself, but because the mind control gimmick would allow some fights between the Turtles and their allies, possibly even with comic crossover characters they've worked with in the past like Savage Dragon and the Flaming Carrot.


Armaggon is a mutant shark, so he's got that going for him right off the bat. We're really hoping that he somehow gets into the fray by using the time machine he stole that is powered by the white stones of Mecca, the bones of the Roswell aliens, and the brain of Adolf Hitler. We didn't make a single one of those up. There's a Hitler-Bot involved in that particular storyline as well, and if Rocksteady gives us a game where killing a cybernetic Hitler with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is an unlockable achievement then we'd like to nominate them for kings of everything.

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