Ten Houston Women You've Probably Dated

Last week, our own Angelica Leicht regaled us all with a list of man-children the women of our fair city have probably dated. It was a frighteningly accurate list, according to the comments section. Sure, we all had a good laugh, but some of us also couldn't help but think that dating isn't exactly a cakewalk for us gentlemen (a term I use liberally), either. Dating can suck both ways, and since we at Art Attack believe in equality, here's a list to try and even out the playing field. And don't worry, guys. We've all had those feels, including yours truly.

The Xenocentric She's the woman who just hates it here. And although here refers, in this case, to Houston, it really could refer to any city besides the Big Apple, the Windy City or the City of Angels. Houston is just so boring, you know? There's no culture here. It's not a gargantuan, sprawling metropolis with a burgeoning music scene, award-winning theaters and museums and a town where she can try creative cuisine. She's just got to get out of here, and she'll never stop talking about it. If her life is stagnant, it's Houston's fault, not hers. But as soon as she moves to New York, Chicago or LA, she'll surely flourish.

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