Ten Views of the World Trade Center As Remembered in Film

Eleven years ago today, both the world and the Manhattan skyline forever changed when the World Trade Center came crashing down. Shots of the Twin Towers were often used to establish the movie's location. Nowadays, using the towers as an establishing shot often means the film is taking place in another time period before September 11, 2001.

Famous scenes were filmed both in and near the towers, which came to represent many things to many people -- often serving as the place where key plot points took place. Here's some examples:

10. Trading Places The World Trade Center was the zenith of the Financial District. Trading Places was the embodiment and parody of that time period.

9. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Word was that your could see as far as 50 miles away from the observation deck of the south tower. So what kid like Kevin McCallister wouldn't want to see something as neat as that?

8. Splash Many comedies have been set in New York City, trading on its romantic reputation. In Splash including the World Trade Center with its beautiful Windows on the World restaurant, further exemplified this.

7. The Wiz In many ways, Manhattan is seen as an "Emerald City" of sorts just as in The Wiz. People go there because they are on a quest whether for the fame of the entertainment industry or the fortune of Wall Street.

6. Spiderman (2002 version) Though the Twin Towers are not prominent in Spiderman, early promos and trailers highlighted them. After the attacks, Sony pulled both the original trailer and poster for the film.

However, in the film itself, we do catch an extremely brief shot of the Twin Towers as a reflection in Spiderman's eye. 5. Remember Me Though many critics thought it was exploitative of the film's producers to use the attacks as a key point in the storyline, Remember Me still drove a major point home: the people that died in those attacks were beloved individuals as family members, friends and co-workers.

4. Wall Street For many, the World Trade Center represented work life. That's well shown in the scenes in Wall Street from the COMEX trading floors.

3. Oliver and Company The World Trade Center was frequently used to establish the fact that the story's setting was New York City. .

2. Godspell In Godspell, the actors and creators took a risk by filming and dancing on top of the soon-to-be-finished World Trade Center.

1. Ghostbusters Almost every science fiction and/or fantasy story set within the United States takes place in New York City and focusing on the World Trade Center. In Ghostbusters, the ghosts and ghouls seem to originate from the World Trade Center.

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