The 10 Best-Dressed People at the HPMA Showcase

There's a lot to be said about festival fashion. In the case of the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase, you have a lot of factors to consider. Will your outfit be too hot for the Houston sun? (Thank goodness the rain cooled things off.) Will your shoes hamper your ability to walk from venue to venue? And most important, will you look either badass or attractive to the other sex (and sometimes even to your own sex)?

Yesterday while roaming Downtown, we saw a lot of awesome looks on bands and HPMA crowds alike. Here are our favorites.

10. Tianna Hall looks rockabilly chic.

9. Easy, breezy and bright in an ethnic-patterned dress.

8. Self-described "early goth/alternative meets post-punk modernized" band The Abyss dresses the part.

7. This guy on the right was wearing a serape all day, which looked kinda cool, but was probably sweaty as hell.

6. Fashionable hat? Check? Band T-shirt? Check. Keys as accessories? You got it.

5. Slightly Goth grace.

4. Why not go a bit formal with a bowtie? Especially when your band is performing.

3. Natural hair and a form-fitting T-shirt equals effortless cool.

2. Bikes are always an acceptable accessory when bar-hopping.

1. This girl was wearing a black tank top, black high-waisted jeans and black motorcycle boots, which is about as simple as it is hip. But we think it's the red hair that really makes the outfit.

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