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The 10 Best Pet Cemeteries and Crematoriums in Houston

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10. Houston Pet Cremation Services 7019 Breen Drive This is as quick and no-nonsense as you could want. HPCS is affordable, fast and easy for customers and probably the best choice for someone trying to arrange the death of a pet while out of town or otherwise unavailable. That's not to say that they lack sentimentality. Be sure to check out their very nice selection of cremain necklaces and amulets, which seem like the perfect gift for a heartbroken child who just lost his or her puppy.

9. Devoted Pets 7012 Belgold A basic set-up that will handle most pick-ups for cremations as well as sell you a marker or a nice urn to hold your lost friend. If you've never dealt with the pet funeral industry before Devoted Pets is nice for easing you into it in a small way.

8. Little Friends 8627 Windswept Lane Located south of Richmond between Dunvale and Fondren Little Friends is a solid pet afterlife service. They do mostly cremations, with the option to have the ashes deposited at the memorial wall in Wallis for mourners to visit later. They also sell caskets and markers if you'd like to bury at home in style. It's basic though still sincere and comforting.

7. Forever Pals With eight locations all over Houston Forever Pals is extremely convenient, allowing you to get the same service wherever you may wander in your time in the city. That one-size-fits-all approach limits your choices, but there is one really sweet product they offer that gives a pet a nice sendoff without having to haul an urn around for the rest of your life. Check out the Journey Earthurn, a biodegradable cremain container that can easily be used to have a pet's body fertilizer a wildflower patch. What could be a better tribute?

6. Paws Memorial 601 Pitts Road Paw Memorial is a crematorium with a focus on helping pet owners through their emotional pain of losing a pet. They offer the standard cremations services, but larger memorial services as well. Even better, you can schedule a private euthanasia either in comfort rooms or out on the 20-acre property. If nothing else their website has a wonderful section dedicated to articles, books and online resources for grief counseling. If you need extra special help Paws will be there.

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