The 10 Best Places to Shop for Halloween in Houston

The other day I actually walked my dog and didn't have to change out of a sweat-soaked shirt for the first time in months. You know what that means? Halloween is upon us, gentle readers. It's the perfect holiday to take your mind off the fact that you'll be eating Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives after a presidential election very soon.

You may not be aware of it, but you can spend some serious spooky dollars in Houston, on everything from costumes to candy to curiosities. Welcome to our guide on how to get your wallet lighter and your life more macabre.

10. Old Time Christmas Tree Farm Pumpkin Patch
7632 Spring Cypress
Let's start lighthearted. There are great pumpkin patches all over the city, but the annual one at the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm is by far my favorite place to pick up a really first-rate jack-o'-lantern candidate. The one I got for just $5.99 was so big I almost couldn't carry it to the car. They also sell a very nice selection of wooden yard decorations if you prefer the wholesome route in how you signal your love of the season to the neighbors. Plus, it makes for a good family outing overall, with hay rides, bounce castles and turkey legs. 

9. Danny’s Trix and Kix
3400 FM 2920
And as long as you're hanging out on the north side of town, check out Danny’s Trix and Kix. It's got a standard, though still impressive, stock of costumes for adults and kids, and, unlike a lot of the other good places to buy holiday disguises, is open on Sundays this time of the year. Amusingly enough, Danny's is where I discovered Slip Knot was a mask genre as well as a band. 

8. Spookers
I recommend any one of the three Spookers locations around Houston. Their staff is extremely friendly, and the stores are spacious and well-organized and really do have a little something for everyone. Steampunks on a budget or who need children's outfits should definitely apply.

Side note: I visited the Westheimer location specifically because the website said it had a Tardis. The Doctor must have popped out for a moment because I didn't see it, but they did sell Cybermen masks, which is a rare find. 

7. Stanley Drug Company
2718 Lyons
Fellow Press writer Chris Lane clued me into the last great Houston hoodoo shop, and there's a really amazing Texas Monthly article about it if you'd like to learn more. It's a seriously spooky place, but friendly for those with an open mind. It's definitely the one-stop shop to learn about the rich traditions and items used in hoodoo rituals from those still practicing today. You can also pick up books on Santeria and Santa Muerte there. Bring cash. 

6. National Museum of Funeral History
415 Barren Springs
If you want to Halloween-ify your office space, the gift shop at the National Museum of Funeral History is the place for you. Morbid coffee mugs, coasters and business card holders are among the fare you can purchase that's sure to keep the more obnoxious coworkers afraid of your death-centric desk. Oh, and the museum is tops for an afternoon visit.

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