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The 10 Biggest Fights at Thanksgiving

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6. Politics/Religion/Sex/All Things Taboo My good friend Jef wrote a post about the ways to keep your Thanksgiving's sane this year, and keeping political chat off of the menu was one of his pieces of advice. I couldn't agree more. Politics and family functions are like ketchup and peanut butter; they are both delicious so why wouldn't they taste good together on a spoon? They don't. As with any time in your life, subjects such as politics, religion and sex are no-nos. Don't even think about bringing them up. Your grandma doesn't understand your political leanings and why you don't go to church anymore. Just let her be happy this one day; she's old and who knows how much time she has left. And she can get pretty snippy.

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5. Uncle Brad Came Out of the Closet Many of us have that uncle or aunt or sister or cousin that we just know swing in the opposite direction than they've been pretending to swing their whole lives, and you've even encouraged them to be themselves through issues of Out Smart and copies of The Bird Cage on VHS. But as sure as you can say, "Canned cranberry sauce is far superior to homemade," they pick the holiday to come out to the world. It's perfectly logical: why tell family in piecemeal when you can tell everyone all at the same time. This new information, however unsurprising, will cause at least three members of your family to literally have a cow (OK figuratively). Who will be most upset about this news? Most likely the older folks in your family will get hot and bothered over this announcement as they think "gay" is something you can catch like strep and polio, which they think still runs rampant.

4. Grandpa/Mom/You Drinks Too Much Nothing causes more strife than a bunch of drunken people who don't realize how drunk they are. It's awful. Worse yet is when someone is a genuine alcoholic and the rest of the family knows but can't say anything. As comical as mom on her seventh martini may seem in the movies, without a doubt this will turn your holiday into a mess. Get out of Dodge before this turns ugly.

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