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The 10 Biggest Fights at Thanksgiving

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3. Money, Money, Money! Like politics and religion and sex, money is another base root to most arguments. Studies have shown that married couples argue over money more than any other subject. Thanksgiving just happens to be the kick-off day to the over-spending season, and do you know how much organic turkeys cost these days? A lot. Try as you might, a big blow up over money may just happen, especially if one of your family members has it and one of them doesn't.

2. Divorce/Marriage/Pregnancy As with your Aunt Marge coming out of the closet, bringing up any big news over a plate of mashed yams and dressing is going to bring up some heat, and I'm not talking about the jalapeño cornbread. News of a divorce is pretty upsetting, especially if the married couple is not together to spring the news (oh that's why Uncle Bob is not feeling well), but "I'm pregnant," can be even worse. If the new mom is neither married nor engaged, expect a huge argument. 1. I Am Not Hungry/Stop Putting Food on my Plate There are several cultural stigmas over empty plates or too little consumption, and I have personally played witness to a massive blow up over not wanting to eat anymore. It's so bizarre. My theory is that most people don't want to feel guilty about their own mass consumption, so they project that onto others who are trying to keep their waists small. There are starving people in Africa; why fight over food?

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