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The 10 Hottest Scenes in Film (Where No One Takes His or Her Clothes Off)

Hollywood has been very kind to the millions of Americans that need something artsy to masturbate to. Of course sex and sexiness have had their place in art ever since the first cave man drew the first cave dick on the first cave wall, but in the Internet age there is no such thing as hidden and niche any more. Eventually, even the strangest and most out there fetish will be performed on a famous person in a project that cost millions of dollars.

For instance, I've seen Alicia Witt take a gerbil up the ass in Cecil B. Demented. No, I won't post a link to the video. Everyone should already own that movie.

What's most amazing to me is when Hollywood manages to titillate without the first three letters of that word. Sometimes, the sexiest things in existence are so hot they don't require nudity, beds, or simulated genital shenanigans at all. Such as...

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