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The 6 Best Cheap and Lazy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes of 2014

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And so it goes that 11 months have gone by, bringing us back to the start of October and the march toward Halloween. For many, this is the most wonderful time of year. We probably all have that one friend who has already decked out his crib with Halloween decorations and has been planning his costume for months.

We all love that friend, even while we're jealous of his costume planning abilities.

We all start with the best intentions. We bat around ideas, we brainstorm with our significant others, we tell ourselves over and over that this will be the week we make it out to one of the many, many, MANY pop-up Halloween shops in town. And then on October 30, a Thursday this year for those of you playing at home, we're left to pick over the remains of good costumes, hoping to find something good in the debris.

There is good news. Around your house and/or apartment you probably have all the tools you need to put a solid costume together. Better news: it's not going to take a whole lot of work on your part to do so.

You're welcome.

6. Clipboard Guy What You'll Need: Clipboard

If you absolutely must have an Ebola-related costume, you should at least try and stand out from the crowd a little bit. There are going to be tons of people out in hazard suits; you probably know a few. Sounds needlessly uncomfortable yeah? Instead, be everyone's favorite tangentially related to the Ebola panic person: Clipboard Man! If he can be around an Ebola patient without a mask, you can brave the Halloween hordes without one.

5. Selfie Guy or Girl What You'll Need: A Cell Phone (that you'll be carrying around anyway), Sunglasses, A Blank Shirt and Something to Write on it

The age of the selfie is here, so why not fully embrace the biggest trend in photography? Face it, you're going to be taking selfies all night anyway; everyone - even those who hate selfies - take them on Halloween. The added hashtag will help you keep everything organized so that your new friends can find you on Instagram and judge you by what filter you used on their photo.

4. Johnny Football What You'll Need: Sunglasses, Fake Money, Red Solo Cup, A&M Gear

Even if he was a starting QB in the NFL, you gotta think that Johnny Football would still somehow find the time to do Halloween right. It's just in his nature. Johnny gonna Johnny and all that. So you may not have the fame and fortune that he does, but for one night at least you can have his spirit. Find you a fake Drake and hit the town. You've earned it, stud.

3. Fake Cosplay Character What You'll Need: Foil, Foil, More Foil, A Household Item That Can Double as a Weapon, Old Socks, A Backstory

We've seen a lot of amazing cosplay this year, but not all of us have the time or knowledge base to pull off the costumes. What we do have is a lot of crap we don't use that often hanging out in our place. Put those dusty bits to work by creating your own superhero. And make sure you have a name to go along with your outfit, that way when people ask you who you are you can respond appropriately. "You mean to tell me you've never heard of the Plumbing Patriot? Who's the fake nerd now?"

2. EDM Kid What You'll Need: Dog Toys, Baby Toys, a Bandana, Mardi Gras Beads

Just because you don't have fuzzy boots and a tutu in your wardrobe doesn't mean you can't throw shapes in the house of dance this Halloween. Those Mardi Gras beads you've been keeping around to remind you of a night you can't remember? They're an excellent substitute for glow sticks. Chew toys make excellent accessories. Add in some neon and some face paint and you too can look like a Steve Aoki fan. Just skip the Native American headdress. Thanks.

1. Rocket and Groot What You'll Need: A Vest, Black Material, A Stick, Wicked One-liners

We predict that this year's biggest pop culture costume will have something to do with Guardians of the Galaxy. (We expect to see a lot of Frozen outfits too.) The movie was huge and a lot of people fell in love with the characters. More specifically, a lot of people fell in love with Rocket and Groot. Even more specifically, Baby Groot is maybe the best thing to happen in film this year. You too can get in on the fun. We know this is supposed to be lazy, but do spend maybe just a few extra minutes finding the right Groot; he's worth it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.