Visual Arts

The Art of Being Sick

It's that time of the year when one morning you're going to wake up with your ears, nose and throat full of somebody else's germs... and not in a good way (if there is one). Cold-and-flu season is not the most popular for obvious reasons--though honestly, hurricane season is the one that really scares the snot out of us. (At least this year, there's no H1N1 to knot things up ever worse.)

While winter offers a certain kind of comfort with those drizzly, rainy days that rainy-day activities like going to a museum or arts and crafts at home are made for, getting sick can put a serious hamper on engaging with anything. So here's a post for all the vectors out there who are feeling a little too distant from the world of art. You see, being sick is not so different from actually being a work of art...

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David Feil
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