The Beautiful Creatures

“Shadowcasting” is another bit of oddness The Rocky Horror Picture Show has added to the cinema world. Not content to just yell at the screen and dress as the characters (thank you, Rocky Horror, for an occasion for guys to wear lingerie and not be considered drag queens), troupes play out the midnight movie classic as it screens. Houston’s Beautiful Creatures popped up five years after the River Oaks Theatre added Rocky Horror to its rotation of late-night screenings. Mina Credeur, who designs costumes for the group and plays Columbia, the hiccup-voiced “groupie” of lingerie-clad Dr. Frank-N-Furter, says it’s about more than doing the Time Warp. “The best part is when everyone leaves with a big smile on their face,” she says, adding that the film seems tailored for all sorts of audience interaction. “I don’t see how Tommy or Pink Floyd’s The Wall could be done like this,” she says, comparing it to other rock operas. “With this, there’s such a kitschiness and campiness that it seems to be winking at you.” Don’t dream it, see it.
Second Saturday of every month, 11:55 p.m., 2006

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