The Best Downton Abbey-Themed Tumblrs

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If you like him/her you should put a ring on it, and if you like a celebrity/TV show you should make a Tumblr about it. Officially four episodes into the second season of Downton Abbey, we Yankees have become passionately dedicated to this upstairs-downstairs highbrow soap about early twentieth-century England. Perhaps inspired by all the niche Ryan Gosling work out there, fans of Downton Abbey have taken to Tumblr like Lady Edith to a middle-aged farmer.

And their creativity can hardly be contained. In addition to some notable fan fiction that definitely involves plotlines about tantalizing love, there are impressive genre mash-ups and sparkling GIFs as well. But you, like Lady Mary, have grown impatient with waiting, so without further ado we now present the best Downton Abbey Tumblrs. Spoilers ahead!

The Lamps of Downton Abbey

The only thing more watchful than a servant at Downton is a lamp at Downton. They're the true underclass of the English class system, relegated to corners of rooms and tabletops that get more attention from Anna's duster than they'll ever see. Love affairs, arguments, deaths and tea-drinking all go on under the light of their shades, but do they ever shed a tear or have a shoulder to cry on? Finally, a moment in the spotlight thanks to The Lamps of Downton Abbey.

Arrested Downton

The scriptwriters have done excellent work thinking up lines such as, "One can't go to pieces at the death of every foreigner," "What is a weekend?" and "You've lived your life. I've lived mine. Now it's time to live them together." Arrested Downton suggests that they needn't have worked so hard and just used the script to Arrested Development instead.

Fuck yes, Downton Abbey

Not to be confused with Quite so, Downton Abbey, a more polite variant on the original, FYDA is a Tumblr in its most pure form. There are no special themes and, a little disappointingly, there are no "Hey, girl" work-ups of Matthew Crawley. Most posts are simple screenshots or GIFs with dialogue captions and the welcome addition of photos of actors out of costume. Cute, right? If you're a particular fan of Ms. O'Brien, however, direct your attention this way.

Downton Abbeyonce

The devious mind behind Downton Abbeyoncé takes screenshots from the show and overlays them with applicable Beyoncé and Destiny's Child lyrics. To an outsider, a Julian Fellowes period drama has little relation to a bootylicious pop star. But to anyone who has seen Lady Sybil rock gauzy harem pants or cheered as the Dowager Countess suffered no fools, the connection is obvious.

After all, there is no more triflin', good-for-nothing type of brother than Thomas, and Ethel could have used a real soldier.

F Yeah, Mary and Matthew

Sybil and Branson are pretty good, and Anna and Bates are okay, too, but we all know why we're here. The central romantic relationship in Downton Abbey gets its proper homage with 41 pages of photos of the couple both in love and torn asunder overlaid with misty filters. If this doesn't inspire some fan fic in you, check to make sure your heart is beating.

For those of you who have come to think of Mary and Matthew as a real-life couple, this might be more your speed, but truly the love affair reached its pinnacle with this.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.