The Best Fashion Twits: Who to Follow

If you are feeling overly productive today, there is a cure for that: The Twitters. Unlike you, I am unable to just fritter away the hours when I am on Twitter, because I am actually working. It's called important and vital research, people, and I am absolutely dedicated to bringing you the very best content you can use to help you not actually get anything done today.

Today's list focuses exclusively on fashion feeds. Some of these I've simply stumbled upon, while others I found on similar "who to follow in fashion" lists. Some find fashion frivolous, but I say otherwise. Not only is fashion a global billion-dollar industry, domestically it happens to be one place where women still sink their dollars, even when the economy isn't so great. Even when times are tough, women still treat themselves to things like lipstick and nail polish, little luxuries that feel like they make a big impact.

Fashion is essential. It is art, and it drives economies. (Hey, no one ever started a war over textiles, right? RIGHT?!) And now it's brought to us in 140 characters or less.

@melaniecrete: Some of her Tweets are in French, so here is the link to Google Translator if you need it. Good content, and even her wallpaper is very French. J'adore!

@EstherFreedman: Freedman is the founder and CEO of cuteheads line of clothing for kids. I don't have kids, but I think they get ignored in the fashion world. Don't worry, Esther will talk grown-up fashion, too.

@fuggirls: The ladies behind the Go Fug Yourself Web site. They cover everything you need to ignore work: pop culture, fashion, iconic '80s and '90s television.

@neimanmarcus: Following retailers can be a crapshoot, but NM is a high-value follow for beauty and fashion news. An absolute must.

@csiriano: Christian Siriano is probably the most legit Project Runway designer, and he's great on Twitter. No affectations -- just a guy living his dream, and a pretty glamorous one at that.

@DitaVonTeese: She's very interactive with fans, and she tweets a lot of pictures of underwear. My regular clothes aren't as nice as her underwear -- an aspirational follow.

@refinery29: A constant stream of fashion and celebrity/fashion news. Another must-follow, really.

@e_fashionpolice: Flying Spaghetti Monster, help me -- I watch the show, and follow them on Twitter. The Twitter equivalent of Thin Mints.

@FGIHouston: Fashion Group International of Houston -- a great mix of local, national, and international fashion and beauty information.

@TimesFashion: Global fashion, with a focus on luxury.

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