The Best of David Lynch on the Web

Today is filmmaker David Lynch's 65th birthday. Art Attack is a big fan, having seen The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart back in our teens, and we were smack in the middle of high school when Twin Peaks aired in 1990 and changed the game for what was possible on network television.

Lynch leaves an indelible stamp on anything he does. His films are often meditations on mystery and the psychological depths we dare explore to find meaning. The journey is always filled with symbols and the signature Lynch motifs: curtains, fire, hallways (and usually a strobe light).

Lynch also worked extensively in advertising, directing commercials and infusing them with that signature "Lynchian" mark.

As a tribute, Art Attack compiled some of the best clips from the director's non-feature material: commercials, spots, music videos and shorts.

Click ahead to check out our favorites.

Lady Blue Shanghai (Part 1) This 16-minute short was part of the 2010 Dior ad campaign for the Lady Dior handbag. Marion Cotillard stars as a woman in Shanghai on business, who has a tryst with a mysterious Chinese lover. (Part two below)

Lady Blue Shanghai (Part 2)

David Lynch on watching movies on the iPhone Lynch has a stern response to the very idea of viewing films on a cellphone.

Giorgio Armani commercial (1992) Mmmm. Strobe-y.

David Lynch Playstation Commercial (2000) Utter weirdness.

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